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Questions to ask yourself to make you feel better

Questions to ask yourself to make you feel better

Even small setbacks, fatigue, or tedious routines can get in the way of hope and trigger a series of negative thoughts. An easy way to get your balance back is to ask yourself three feel-good questions.

These questions can help you focus your thoughts on a more positive and proactive perspective. So, you can feel better without any more complicated measures.

Another important aspect of these key questions is that they are timeless. No matter what point in your life you ask, these three questions will always give you new and inspiring answers. So what questions can you turn to when you’re feeling down?

Questions you should ask yourself

1. What has best unexpected happened to you in life so far?

This is a key question worth asking yourself when you’re feeling down. It is not about pursuing great achievements or special milestones. It’s simply finding the little everyday miracles you tend to overlook.

The unexpectedly successful completion of a difficult and time-consuming task is a minor miracle to be thankful for in everyday life.

Let’s find a few examples of minor miracles that we didn’t expect. In some cases, getting through a tough day without the situation getting worse can be my own miracle.

1. What has best unexpected happened to you in life so far?

2. Have you enjoyed nature today?

The second question invites you to look at your environment. More specifically, it’s about clearing your mind and looking at the elements of nature that you come into contact with on a daily basis. Nature is serene, and generous, and provides universal satisfaction It would be a pity not to take advantage of this nature.

When you start looking at nature, you will soon be able to identify many extraordinary elements around you. For example, let’s look at the vast sky, think about the various possibilities, and look at a beautiful tree that has grown strong in one place for a long time. Or, by observing animals living different lives, you can realize that everyone around you is special.

Thinking about nature makes you feel inner peace. So, when you feel depressed or forget the beautiful world around you, visit a park, garden, or other space full of natural elements.

3. Who is the person you miss?

The third question to improve your mood involves thinking of people who are special but cannot be seen every day for some reason. It is usually a question that reminds you of someone you have a really close relationship with in the past, such as a friend or relative, who left pleasant memories with you, but you don’t communicate with often.

Just thinking about the people you miss will make you feel better. Affectionate relationships enrich life and transcend time. If you contact people you have been neglecting for a while, you will be happy to check each other’s news.

People you miss may include people you want to know more about and see again. The feelings are mutual and finding a way to meet or talk to each other can feel good.

These three feel-good questions are easy options you can always rely on. Just by practicing this kind of self-reflection, you can turn a gloomy perspective into a positive one.